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Candy Cave

Warheads Double Drop Liquids

Warheads Double Drop Liquids

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Warheads Double Drops Liquid Candy: A Sour Sensation - Now at Candy Cave Dublin"

Description: "Prepare for a thrilling taste experience with Warheads Double Drops Liquid Candy, the newest addition to the Candy Cave Dublin's lineup of American sweets! This artificially flavoured liquid candy is a daring delight for those who love a sour adventure. With its intense flavour and unique liquid form, Warheads Double Drops provide a fun and interactive way to enjoy candy.

As Candy Cave continues to bring the best of American confectionery to Ireland, Warheads Double Drops stand out with their bold and tangy taste. Perfect for those who seek a sour kick, these liquid drops are a true test of your sour endurance, offering an exhilarating candy experience unlike any other.

Ingredients and Warnings:

  • Artificially Flavoured: Combining Sugar, Water, Citric Acid, and more for that signature Warheads sour blast.
  • Vibrant Colours: Colours (E133, E102, E129) add to the visual appeal of this unique candy.
  • Note of Caution: Choking hazard, not for children under 4 years. May cause temporary irritation to sensitive tongues and should be avoided in contact with eyes. May contain walnuts, almonds, and milk. E102 and E129 may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

Why Choose Warheads Double Drops?

  • Unique Liquid Form: Offers a new and exciting way to enjoy sour candy.
  • Intense Sour Flavour: Perfect for those who crave a powerful sour kick.
  • Interactive Candy Experience: Great for sharing and challenging friends.
  • Available at Candy Cave: Find this unique sour treat at Candy Cave Dublin, your destination for exclusive American sweets in Ireland.

Dare to try Warheads Double Drops Liquid Candy at Candy Cave – where every drop is an explosion of sour power!"

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