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Welcome to the Crunchy Revolution in Confectionery

Experience the future of sweets with our exciting new collection of Freeze Dried Candy at Ideal for those who relish a satisfying crunch, this innovative range offers an explosion of flavours in a uniquely crisp texture.

Why Choose Freeze Dried Candy?

The Magic of Freeze Drying

Freeze drying is a distinctive process that extracts moisture from candies, intensifying the original flavours while transforming their texture into something exceptionally light and crispy. This technique not only enhances the taste but also introduces an enjoyable, novel eating experience.

Our Star Selection of Freeze Dried Candies

1. Colourful Crunch: Freeze Dried Skittles - Classic and Mega Sour

Enter a new realm of taste with our Freeze Dried Skittles. These are not your ordinary Skittles; they have been transformed from their chewy state into light, airy treats that burst with intensified flavour. Choose from the classic fruity taste or dare to try the Mega Sour version for an adventurous twist.

2. Nostalgic Bites: Freeze Dried Chewits - Strawberry and Apple

Revisit the joy of Chewits reimagined through freeze drying. Our Strawberry and Apple Chewits have been converted into a new crunchy format, maintaining their beloved flavours but with an added burst of intensified fruitiness in every bite.

3. Tropical Treats: Freeze Dried Fruit Slices - Watermelon and Blue Raspberry

Explore the refreshing taste of our Freeze Dried Watermelon and Blue Raspberry Slices. Unlike traditional dried fruit, these slices are freeze-dried to achieve a light-as-air crispness that perfectly balances tartness and sweetness.

4. Love at First Bite: Freeze Dried Peach Hearts

Indulge in the essence of summer with our Freeze Dried Peach Hearts. Each piece offers a crunchy texture that melts in your mouth, blending sweet, tangy, and floral notes into a delightful snack.

How It's Made: The Science Behind Freeze Dried Candy

The transformation into freeze dried candy starts with high-quality ingredients and a precise freeze-drying process. By freezing the candies to extremely low temperatures and then lowering the surrounding pressure, we encourage the frozen water inside the candies to sublime directly from ice to vapor. This leaves behind a porous structure that's light and crispy, providing a unique snacking experience.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Our freeze dried candies are not just a treat; they're the perfect snack for any situation. Whether you're sharing with friends, looking for a unique gift, or just craving a new way to enjoy your favourite sweets, these candies are versatile. They also make excellent party favours, movie night snacks, or special treats to enjoy at any time.

Dive into the crispy, flavourful world of freeze dried candy at and discover how we're revolutionizing sweets one bite at a time!