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Candy Cave

Brain Blasterz Sour Brain Breakerz (45g)

Brain Blasterz Sour Brain Breakerz (45g)

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  • Explosive Sour Hard Candy Balls: A Flavour Fiesta - Now at Candy Cave Dublin"

    Description: "Discover a world of tangy delight with our Mixed-Flavour Sour Hard Candy Balls, now tantalizing taste buds at Candy Cave Dublin! These hard candy balls are a rollercoaster of flavours, each with a surprise sour powder centre that bursts into an intense tangy sensation. With a mix of five fantastic flavours per pack – Apple, Blueberry, Lemon, and Strawberry – each candy offers a unique and thrilling taste experience.

    Candy Cave is excited to bring this sour sensation to our expanding collection of American sweets in Ireland. Perfect for those who crave a sour kick, these hard candy balls are not just candies; they're an adventure for your palate.

    Ingredients and Highlights:

    • Sour Fruit Flavours: A delightful mix of Apple, Blueberry, Lemon, and Strawberry.
    • Sour Powder Centres: Each candy ball hides a burst of sour powder for an extra zing.
    • Quality Ingredients: Made with Sugar, Liquid Glucose (Corn Syrup), Citric Acid (E330), and Artificial Flavour, complemented by Gum Arabic (E414) and a variety of Natural and Artificial Colours (E141, E150d, E161b, E162, E163, E133).

    Why Choose These Sour Hard Candy Balls?

    • Exciting Variety: Enjoy a range of flavours in one pack.
    • Sour Adventure: Perfect for those who love a good, tangy challenge.
    • Fun and Shareable: Ideal for sharing with friends or enjoying as a personal treat.
    • Available at Candy Cave: Find this sour delight at Candy Cave Dublin, your destination for unique and exciting American sweets in Ireland.

    Embrace the sour power with these Mixed-Flavor Sour Hard Candy Balls at Candy Cave – where each candy is a burst of exhilarating flavor!"

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