Blox Snacks Range

Welcome to the ultimate destination for innovative snacking—'s Blox Snacks Range. Our meticulously crafted selection of JuiceBlox and FruitBlox has been designed to bring a burst of joy and a wave of nutrition into your family's life. Inspired by the creative genius of YouTube icons such as Aphmau, Ninja Kidz, and Unspeakable, each product in our range is a testament to our commitment to fun, health, and unparalleled taste.

The Blox Snacks Collection: Where Health Meets Happiness

JuiceBlox Fruit Drinks: Dive into a refreshing world where each sip is an adventure. From Aphmau's enchanting Fruit Punch to Unspeakable's thrilling Berry Blast, JuiceBlox brings the essence of real fruit juice to your child's diet, without any added sugars or artificial ingredients.

FruitBlox Chewy Snacks: Experience the joy of snacking with FruitBlox, where every chew is packed with the goodness of real fruit. Whether it's the Ninja Kidz's Tropical Twist or the magical mix inspired by Aphmau, these snacks are the perfect combination of health and taste, making them an ideal choice for parents and kids alike.

Join the Snacking Revolution

Prepare to revolutionise snack time with the Blox Snacks Range. By choosing Blox, you're not just selecting a snack; you're embracing a lifestyle that values joy, health, and creativity. Browse our selection today and discover the perfect blend of taste and nutrition that's set to become the new standard in family snacking.

Explore the Blox Snacks Range now at and embark on a delicious journey that celebrates the best of health, flavour, and fun. With Blox, every bite is an adventure waiting to happen.