Collection: Fruit Blox

Welcome to the FruitBlox Collection at Embark on a flavourful journey with our FruitBlox Collection, where imagination and taste collide in an explosion of fruity fun. Inspired by popular YouTubers, these snacks are more than just a treat; they're a playful adventure in every bite.

Unspeakable's Apple & Strawberry FruitBlox Join Unspeakable's adventurous world with our Apple & Strawberry FruitBlox. Crafted from the finest ingredients, these snacks are a perfect mix of fun and flavour, designed to inspire and energise young adventurers.

Aphmau’s Mixed Fruit FruitBlox Dive into the playful universe of Aphmau with our Mixed Fruit FruitBlox. Bursting with diverse fruity flavours, they encapsulate the joy and energy of Aphmau’s Minecraft adventures, offering a delightful snacking experience.

NinjaKidz's Tropical Fruit FruitBlox Get ready for a tropical twist with NinjaKidz's Tropical Fruit FruitBlox. These snacks are a fun, delicious way to bring out the inner ninja in every kid, packed with flavours that are sure to excite and please.

This collection is a tribute to fun, imagination, and deliciousness. Each pack is a gateway to a world of taste adventures, perfect for kids and those young at heart. Explore the full FruitBlox range exclusively at and add a burst of joy to your snack time!