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Welcome to, where the iconic Terry's Chocolate Orange takes center stage. This beloved treat, known for its distinctive orange shape and rich, chocolatey segments infused with a burst of orange flavour, is more than just a candy - it's a sensory experience. Join us as we unwrap the magic of Terry's Chocolate Orange, a confectionery marvel that has been delighting taste buds for generations.

The Unique Journey of Terry's Chocolate Orange

Embark on a sweet journey through the history of Terry's Chocolate Orange. Born in the 1930s in York, England, this confectionery masterpiece was an instant hit. Its innovative shape, resembling an orange, and the perfect blend of chocolate and orange essence, set it apart from any other sweet treat of its time. Discover how Terry's Chocolate Orange became a symbol of indulgence and celebration across the world.

Why Terry's Chocolate Orange Stands Out

What makes Terry's Chocolate Orange a perennial favourite? It's not just the harmonious blend of flavours, but also the joy of sharing it. Each segment of Terry's Chocolate Orange is designed to be broken off and shared, making it a popular choice for gatherings and special occasions. Learn more about what makes this treat a unique addition to our collection at

Enjoy Terry's Chocolate Orange in Various Forms

Terry's Chocolate Orange comes in more than just one form. From the classic milk chocolate orange to dark chocolate variations and even seasonal specials, there's a Terry's Chocolate Orange for every palate. Explore the range available at and find your perfect citrus-chocolate indulgence.

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