Prime Hydration Ireland

Discover Prime Hydration: The Ultimate Beverage for Active Lifestyles in Ireland, Exclusively on is excited to introduce Prime Hydration to Ireland, the innovative hydration solution for those who lead an active and health-conscious life. Prime Hydration has been designed with the understanding that a properly hydrated body is key to achieving peak performance, whether in sports, fitness, or daily activities. Our range of Prime Hydration drinks is formulated to provide an optimal balance of electrolytes and vitamins, ensuring you stay hydrated and energized throughout the day.

A Flavour for Every Preference

Our Prime Hydration collection is tailored to meet diverse tastes and preferences, featuring a wide variety of flavours. Delight in the unique taste of Glowberry, a favourite among those seeking a vibrant fruit infusion, or cool down with Cherry Freeze, perfect for refreshment on a warm day. The Auston Matthews edition is a standout choice for fans, offering an exclusive flavour profile. For those who prefer classic tastes, Lemonade and Grape are sure to satisfy with their timeless appeal.

In Stock and Ready to Hydrate

At, we prioritize your hydration needs by ensuring our full selection of Prime Hydration drinks is always in stock. This commitment means you can rely on us for your hydration needs, with fast, efficient delivery across Ireland. From Dublin to Galway, Cork to Limerick, we've got your hydration covered.

Why Choose Prime Hydration?

  • Flavour Diversity: Our extensive range ensures there's a Prime Hydration drink for every taste.
  • Hydration Optimised: With a perfect blend of electrolytes and vitamins, Prime Hydration drinks are designed to keep you hydrated and full of energy.
  • Constant Availability: Our always-in-stock guarantee means your favourite hydration drinks are just a few clicks away.