Healthy Kids Snacks Ireland

Nourishing the Next Generation with Blox Snacks

Welcome to's dedicated space for Healthy Kids Snacks, where we celebrate the union of fun, flavour, and nutrition through our exclusive range of Blox Snacks. In Ireland, where the lush green landscapes meet the vibrant energy of its people, we bring you a snack revolution with JuiceBlox and FruitBlox. Inspired by the inventive spirits of YouTube sensations like Aphmau, Ninja Kidz, and Unspeakable, our snacks offer more than just taste—they're an adventure in every bite.

The Heroes Behind the Flavours

Aphmau's Fruit Punch and Berry Magic: Drawing from the enchanting world of Aphmau, these snacks are a hit with kids who love stories filled with magic and mystery. They're perfect for fuelling imagination and play.

Ninja Kidz's Tropical Twist: Inspired by the boundless energy and enthusiasm of the Ninja Kidz, this flavour is for the young athletes, adventurers, and explorers in your family, providing the perfect snack to keep them moving.

Unspeakable's Wild Ride: Capturing the unpredictable fun of Unspeakable's channel, these snacks are for the pranksters, the jokesters, and the kids who love a surprise. They bring excitement and laughter to snack time.

A Guide to Healthy Snacking

Where to Find Us

From the bustling streets of Dublin to the serene countryside of Cork and beyond, Blox Snacks are widely available across Ireland. Whether you're shopping in your local store or browsing online, offers easy access to a world of healthy, delicious snacking options. And with global delivery, we ensure that no matter where you are, the joy of Blox Snacks can reach you.

Join us on a journey to make healthy snacking fun, accessible, and exciting. With the creativity of our beloved creators and the natural beauty of Ireland as our backdrop, we're here to revolutionize snack time. Explore our range today and discover why Blox Snacks are the preferred choice for parents and kids alike, creating moments of joy and health with every bite.