Welcome to the World of Blox Snacks!

Dive into the colourful universe of Blox Snacks, where fun meets flavour in every bite! Discover a snack range inspired by your favourite YouTube stars - Aphmau, Unspeakable, and NinjaKidz. Perfect for kids and approved by parents, Blox Snacks offers a delicious way to snack smart. From the juicy delights of JuiceBlox to the fruity fun of FruitBlox, get ready for a taste adventure that's as entertaining as it is satisfying.

Why Blox Snacks?

Blox Snacks are more than just snacks; they're a taste sensation designed for kids' enjoyment and parents' peace of mind. Made with 100% real fruit juice and free from unnecessary additives, Blox Snacks are the guilt-free choice for snack time. Discover the benefits of choosing Blox Snacks, including Non-GMO ingredients, allergen-free recipes, and the excitement of collecting exclusive cards from the biggest YouTube stars.

Our Delicious Range

Explore the scrumptious world of Blox Snacks with our detailed guide to the JuiceBlox and FruitBlox ranges. Find out what makes our Apple Juice JuiceBlox a must-try, or why the Apple & Strawberry FruitBlox will become your new favourite snack. With no added sugars and a commitment to natural ingredients, each product in the Blox Snacks range promises deliciousness in every sip and bite.

Join the Adventure!

Don't just snack—join the adventure with Blox Snacks! Participate in the exciting "Stack the Blox" game for a chance to win fabulous prizes, from Roblox Gift Cards to exclusive merch. Plus, discover where to find Blox Snacks near you and how to bring these delicious treats home. Ready to power up snack time with fun, flavour, and your favourite YouTube stars? Dive into the Blox Snacks range now available at CandyCave.ie!