Welcome to the World of Blox Snacks

Discover the exciting range of Blox Snacks, where fun meets flavour in every bite. Explore our unique collection of children's snacks and drinks, inspired by popular YouTubers and crafted for the modern kid's taste.


Apple & Strawberry by Unspeakable

Dive into the epic deliciousness of Unspeakable's Apple & Strawberry FruitBlox. Made with the finest ingredients, these snacks are perfect for conquering any obstacle, embodying the adventurous spirit of Unspeakable.

JuiceBlox: Apple Juice with Unspeakable Power

Energize your day with Apple Juice JuiceBlox, inspired by the dynamic energy of Unspeakable. Crafted for both taste and vitality, this drink is a must-have for young adventurers.

FruitBlox: Aphmau’s Mixed Fruit Adventure

Embrace the lively vitality of Aphmau with our Mixed Fruit FruitBlox. Packed with an explosion of fruity tastes, these snacks are a joyful tribute to Aphmau’s Minecraft escapades.

JuiceBlox: Fruit Punch Inspired by Aphmau

Experience the playful spirit of Aphmau in every sip of our Fruit Punch JuiceBlox. Bursting with fruity flavours, this drink is perfect for any adventure.

NinjaKidz Specials: Tropical and Berry Blast

Gear up for more excitement with NinjaKidz's Tropical Fruit FruitBlox and Berry Blast JuiceBlox. These fun and delicious flavors will tickle your taste buds and unleash your inner ninja.

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