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Welcome to the Ultimate Hydration League, featuring the Auston Matthews Prime Drink!

Dive into the world of exceptional taste and unparalleled hydration with the drink that's taken the market by storm, all thanks to a partnership that's as electrifying as a game-winning goal. Auston Matthews, the NHL superstar, has teamed up with Prime Hydration to bring you a drink that's all about performance, endurance, and, of course, incredible flavour.

Why the Auston Matthews Prime Drink?

  • Elite Performance: Designed with athletes in mind, this drink is perfect for those who aim to perform at their peak, both on and off the ice.
  • Unbeatable Taste: A flavour so good, it's got the endorsement of one of hockey's most dynamic players. It's a win-win for your taste buds and your body.
  • Hydration Like No Other: Packed with electrolytes and essential nutrients, it's the hydration choice of champions, crafted to keep you going through the toughest workouts or longest game days.

Dive into the Game Plan:

The All-Star Lineup

1. The First Period: Introduction to Excellence
Learn about the origins of the Auston Matthews Prime Drink, the vision behind it, and how this collaboration between an NHL icon and a leading hydration brand came to life.

2. The Second Period: What's in the Bottle?
Explore the ingredients that make this drink a powerhouse of hydration and health, perfect for athletes and fans alike.

3. The Third Period: Taste the Victory
Savour the unique flavours designed to refresh and invigorate, inspired by Auston Matthews' own preferences for a drink that satisfies deep thirst and supports recovery.

Shoot and Score with Every Sip!

Whether you're hitting the gym, skating on the rink, or just enjoying a game from the comfort of your home, the Auston Matthews Prime Drink is your go-to for staying hydrated and energised. It's not just a drink; it's a lifestyle choice for those who demand excellence from their hydration.

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