The Explosive History of Warheads Jelly Beans: Dublin's Favourite

The Explosive History of Warheads Jelly Beans: Dublin's Favourite

Dublin's confectionery connoisseurs, prepare for a sour sensation that's as thrilling as it is delicious., your premier online sweet shop, is here to take you on a tangy trip down memory lane with the history of Warheads Jelly Beans.

Sour Power: A Global Phenomenon Lands in Dublin

Warheads, known for their face-contorting sourness, burst onto the candy scene in the early '90s, quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenon. It wasn't long before these tongue-twisting treats found their way to Ireland, and is proud to bring this global sensation to Dublin's doorstep.

Dublin's Sweet Spot for Sour Treats

At, we celebrate the evolution of Warheads from hard candies to the irresistible jelly beans that pack a punch with every bite. These sour jewels are a testament to our commitment to sourcing the boldest and most exciting flavours for candy lovers across Dublin.

A Sour Saga Worthy of Dublin's Adventurous Palates

The history of Warheads Jelly Beans is a colourful one, marked by innovation and the pursuit of peak sourness. These daring jelly beans have captured the hearts (and taste buds) of thrill-seekers everywhere, and invites you to join the adventure.

Warheads Jelly Beans: A Modern Classic in Dublin's Candy Landscape

Today, Warheads Jelly Beans continue to delight with their perfect blend of sweet and sour, solidifying their place in the modern candy landscape. They're more than just a snack; they're a bold experience. And there's no better place to embark on this zesty journey than at, Dublin's destination for candy aficionados.

Embrace the Sour, Embrace the Sweet - Only at

Dive into the world of Warheads Jelly Beans with, where every bean is an explosion of flavour waiting to happen. Whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer to the sour candy craze, we've got you covered.

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