Colorful and dynamic display of Airheads Gummies Original Fruit, with a lively mix of gummy shapes and fresh fruit splashes, capturing the playful essence and intense fruit flavors of the candy against a bright, energetic background.

Discover the Fruity Explosion with Airheads Gummies Original Fruit from Candycave

Dublin's gummy lovers, get ready for a flavour journey like no other! brings you the wildly delicious Airheads Gummies Original Fruit, a chewy treat packed with the bold, fruity flavours you know and love from Airheads.

A Rainbow of Flavour's

Each bag of Airheads Gummies Original Fruit is a rainbow of fun, featuring an assortment of shapes and flavour's that are sure to delight. Whether you're after the zesty tang of citrus, the sweet burst of berry, or the exotic taste of tropical fruits, these gummies have it all.

Perfect for Sharing... Or Not!

These gummies are made for sharing, with a variety that caters to everyone's taste buds. But we won't blame you if you want to keep the fruity goodness all to yourself. They're that irresistible!

Next-Day Delivery in Ireland

No need to wait for your candy fix – offers next-day delivery in Dublin. It means you can be savouring the sweet taste of Airheads Gummies Original Fruit almost as soon as you crave them.

Why Choose Airheads Gummies Original Fruit?

  • Original Fruit Flavour's: Enjoy the authentic taste of Airheads in a fun, chewy gummy form.
  • Fun Shapes: Excite your eyes and your palate with a variety of playful shapes.
  • Convenient Snacking: These gummies are perfect for on-the-go snacking, movie nights, or as a fun addition to any party spread.

Ready to Taste the Fun?

Head over to now and get your hands on the Airheads Gummies Original Fruit. Let the fruity adventure begin with just a few clicks!

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