Discover the Crunch: Freeze Dried Candy at

Welcome to a crispy revolution in confectionery! At, we are thrilled to unveil our latest collection: Freeze Dried Candy. Perfect for those who love a satisfying crunch with their sweets, this range promises an explosion of flavours in a delightfully new texture.

Why Freeze Dried Candy?

Freeze drying is a unique process that removes moisture from candy, locking in flavour while transforming the texture into something incredibly light and crispy. This method not only intensifies the existing flavours but also creates a fun, new eating experience unlike any other.

Our Star Selection

1. Colourful Crunch: Freeze Dried Skittles

Classic and Mega Sour

Experience Skittles like never before — transformed from their original chewy form into light, aerated delights that pop with more flavour. Our Freeze Dried Skittles are a feast for the senses; they maintain the iconic fruity taste but introduce a new, crunchy twist. Brave souls might prefer our Mega Sour Skittles, which elevate the sourness to bold new heights. Perfect for the adventurous eater!

2. Nostalgic Bites: Freeze Dried Chewits

Strawberry and Apple

Rediscover the joy of Chewits through the lens of freeze drying. Strawberry Chewits and Apple Chewits have undergone a delightful transformation, offering the same beloved flavours in a novel, crunchy format. Each bite is a burst of pure, intensified fruitiness, making these snacks irresistibly moreish.

3. Tropical Treats: Freeze Dried Fruit Slices

Watermelon and Blue Raspberry

Dive into a bag of our Freeze Dried Watermelon and Blue Raspberry Slices for a refreshing twist on traditional dried fruit. These slices are not just dried; they're freeze-dried, which means they're light as air with a crispness that zings with tartness and sweetness in equal measure.

4. Love at First Bite: Freeze Dried Peach Hearts

Savour the essence of summer with our Freeze Dried Peach Hearts. Each heart is a love letter to peaches, offering a crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth texture that combines sweet, tangy, and floral notes in one delightful package.

Try Them All!

Why settle for one when you can try them all? Indulge in the full range of textures and flavours offered by our freeze dried candies. Visit now to shop our exciting selection and discover your new favourite crunchy treat!