Auston Matthews Joins Prime Hydration!

Auston Matthews Joins Prime Hydration!

n a groundbreaking move for both the NHL and the world of hydration, Toronto Maple Leafs' very own Auston Matthews has officially joined forces with Prime Hydration. This marks a historic moment as Matthews becomes the first-ever NHL player to sign with the renowned hydration beverage company.

Section 2: Unveiling the Mystery - Who's Next from the Maple Leafs?

During a recent visit to Toronto, Prime Hydration co-founder Logan Paul dropped a tantalizing hint that another Maple Leafs' player might be on the brink of joining the Prime family. The suspense is building, and fans are eagerly awaiting the big reveal. Who could be the next star from the Maple Leafs to sip on Prime Hydration?

Section 3: Prime's All-Star Lineup - Matthews Joins the Ranks

Auston Matthews joins an illustrious lineup of athletes sponsored by Prime Hydration, including UFC champions Alex Volkanovski and Israel Adesanya, football sensation Erling Haaland, and Aston Villa Women's forward Alisha Lehmann. This star-studded roster reinforces Prime's commitment to excellence and performance across diverse sporting arenas.

Section 4: Matthews' Endorsement Journey - A Perfect Fit

Matthews, already adorned with endorsements from RBC and BET99, carefully chooses partnerships that align with his values. In a statement, he expressed excitement about the collaboration with Prime, emphasizing the importance of comfort and synergy with the product and company. This endorsement adds a new layer to Matthews' brand, showcasing his strategic approach to sponsorships.

Section 5: Prime Hydration x - Coming Soon to Ireland!

Get ready, Ireland! As Prime Hydration welcomes Auston Matthews into its fold, is gearing up to bring you the ultimate hydration experience. Stay tuned for the exclusive launch of the Austin Matthews Prime Drink, coming soon to Elevate your hydration game with the choice of champions!

Exciting times lie ahead as Prime Hydration, Auston Matthews, and unite to redefine the world of sports, endorsements, and refreshment. Stay connected for updates and be part of the journey!

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